Lyft and PenAir Federal Credit Union Use Tech for Wow Customer Experience

Tech and social media can be used to do business as usual and nothing improves. Who still uses stagnant Power Point presentations to replace hard copy handouts to teach customers how to use one’s products and services when video demos, Facebook Live, Zoom Live and webRTCare are so much more compelling and effective? Two companies are great examples of how to use technology to wow you and us, the customers. What a stellar jobs, too. Guess who? Lyft and Penair!  Check out the lists of cool, innovative ways that absolutely super duper please customers with a lot of magic and a little technology.


  1. When a passenger receives 5 star online feedbacks by Lyft drivers, the passenger gets perks like 50 % off on rides for up to two weeks.
  2. Integrate your Delta Skymiles account with your Lyft account and get Delta Skymiles to total enough miles to get free flights much faster.
  3. Designated Lyft pick up areas decrease traffic congestion.
  4. Referral rewards:!
  5. By the way, they are hiring software engineers and data infrastructure engineers.

Penair Federal Credit Union

  1. They offer ATM service via a live teller with secure webRTC video as an alternative to traditional ATM procedure. You don’t even need your ATM card to use it!
  2. Go to their website at and you’ll discover you don’t have to search far for their routing number for bank transfers. Most banks and credit unions have that piece of info buried deep in their “help center.”
  3. When using their billpay process online, all scheduled payments amounts are automatically deducted in the pending section of the list of transactions, so customers are less likely to overdraw on their accounts by accident.
  4. They support Apple Pay, Android Pay and Samsung Pay.
  5. They offer mobile check deposit.
  6. Feel free to follow them on Twitter or LinkedIN.

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