Amazon Alexa Has Become Quite an Interactive Queen and We Love It

Love Chris Pratt and the dinosaurs in Jurassic World? Alexa, the story teller will take you on a guided tour through Jurassic Park. It will sure get you prepared to participate in a JW-themed trivia contest. The storyteller / tour guide will even ask you questions that make you feel more like it’s real life, and she’s right next to you, really interested in making sure you are having a good time. Questions like … “Should we help the baby dinosaure that appears to be in pain or act like we don’t notice?” Or … “Do you want to carry the fire sticks or the Gatorade bottles?” (She doesn’t really ask those questions, but it is something like that.)

You can say “Alexa, pause” at any time, and she will pause until you say, “Alexa, resume” to actually resume.

The Jurassic Park audio experience shows that “voice” is alive and kicking. And… we are talking about audio tours, audio podcasts and voice over IP, in general. The Jurassic Park experience is shared by Amazon Echo smart speaker. It is one hour long and is six chapters long. The first is free. To listen to the rest, just pay $4. (Experiences are always more rewarding than things. Watching Chris Pratt is worth it, for sure.)

There are tons of adventures one can participate in using these interactive activities. Another example… say, “Alexa, open Lego Duplo Stories,” and the voice will guide you through the Lego experience, with ten different themes available. If you have the Lego pieces that go with the story, all the better, but you don’t need them.

Try, “Alexa, open Westworld.” It is a game for Westworld fans, who can ask the hosts some questions events, places and people to advance in the “world.” The season 2 finale of Westworld is available tonight June 24, 2018 where the Man in Black and Dolores are set to ride for the Valley Beyond, Glory, or the Door or who knows what! Will we see the end of Dr. Ford’s game? 

The personal, interactive way of using smart speakers promotes learning, provides more excitement entertainment than passive watching of our favorite TV shows and movies and than solo playing of games. Sounds fun which makes them the best commercials ever.

Audio is not dead. Video has not taken over the world. Ask DiscussingWho, DiscussingTrek and Discussing Comics, and Twelve Minute Convos.

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