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Technology Boom Moves Non-Coders to Become Coders

codingIf you want to change your career and are not happy with the current job or the earning you have from it and have an eye for technology and have the will to learn then you must choose coding as a career. Coding can be learnt within a short duration and then can be a source of increased income to you. Basically what is coding? Even device that we use in our daily lives from mobile phones, television, watches, microwaves, debit cards anything you use which has a plug or has a computer in it works on coding, which is the computer language, a set of precise instructions which the computer understand and makes the device work. Through coding we can create computer software’s, apps and websites. The browser you use or the operating system and even the app on your mobile phone, the most popular social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook are also the product of coding.

San Francisco: A 26 year old boy named Paul Minton, became successful after he decided to choose coding as his career. He graduated from college and was working as a waiter but had the urge to do something more, therefore he decided to do a 3 months computer programming and data analysis course, after that his income changed drastically which jumped from $20,000 yearly as a waiter to $100,000 when he started working as a data scientist at a web startup, which he himself got astonished.

This trend is gaining momentum and people from different occupations are learning how to code. The tech industry is booming and this is the right time to take advantage of it. Those people who can write modern code, which is the language of the digital world, have been able to increase their income considerably. Previously only famous companies like Google and Facebook were on the watch for top software engineers but today many companies who have a digital game plan need computer minded people.

Normally we reboot a system when it hangs but by learning to code you would actually reboot your life like Mr. Minto, who changed his career and saw a drastic rise in his income. Software developers and engineers have always been in demand. People must master new tools of technology especially cloud computing, mobile app and data analytics.

This is the era of technology boom and people must associate themselves to upgrading themselves technology wise and enter the field of coding and can even choose to become computer graduates.


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