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Wireless Charging End Table Sets Device Owners Free

kyle-squillace-wireless-charging-end-tableImpressive Prototypes is a rapid prototyping and model shop business since 2005 that operates as a service provider to manufacturers, designers and “folks that need stuff made” who may not have the means themselves. The company has expanded to the creation of products on their own, too. The wireless charging table is their first and quite popular creation.

They tested the idea on a table in one of their own homes, and then started a pilot run, selling from their website at impressiveprototypes.com. Impressive Prototypes has also set up a Living Depot – Wireless Charging Table Kickstarter campaign, one of the most popular places for hipsters, businesspeople and tech lovers to shop.

The Living Depot helps users to feel more organized, avoid massive tangles of electric cords and chargers, and so much more.

Samsung was one of the first mobile device makers that integrated wireless charging embedding such as in the The Galaxy S6 and S6 edge devices. The coils were built directly into the hardware, even eliminating the need for a separate cover. Impressive Prototypes had a goal of making the packaging of transmitter to be aesthetically appealing and even more convenient.

Just as webRTC is not able to progress as well as it could because of lack of shared standards, wireless charging suffers the same. Two examples of wireless charging standards are WPC (Wireless Power Consortium) and PMA (Power Matters Alliance).

Impressive Prototypes can actually use a bare bones version of any transmitter with their in-house created Living impressive-prototypes-wireless-charging2Depot though. They choose to use the transmitters that are compatible with the largest number of device types. They use the Qi (pronounced “chee”) charger.

The target audience of current and potential customers are those with a “modern eye” looking for aesthetic appeal. They are professionals who feel that the traditional charging methods and materials with such a hodgepodge of wires is intrusive. The surface of the Living Depot – Wireless Charging Tables have a clean, sophisticated look.

Another of Impressive Prototypes’ Living Depot – Wireless Charging Table customer group is the hotel industry where devices need simple, wireless charging options without fear of issues such as the following:

“Oh, no, there are no more electric outlets available.”

“Where did I last use my charger? I can’t find it.”

Currently the Impressive Prototypes’ Living Depot – Wireless Charging Table has one design with three standard veneers of mahogany, cherry and bamboo. They also take special orders for some quite exotic looks such as a purple heart, burled wood, or birdseye maple.

Kyle Squillace stated during the DIDX wireless charging table podcast that the company read an article 4 to 5 years ago about how a device can be charged almost invisibly. They purchased one of the first wireless chargers available and were quite happy about not having to worry about connectors breaking or a traditional charger’s inevitable loss of its efficiency. Impressive Prototypes wanted to make charging easier and practically invisible, and somehow embedded in anything.

He says that their first table was made of acrylic, and the transmitter caused the table to appear to glow. They looked for a transmitter that worked well and had an LED to help users know when the devices were actually charging.

Impressive Prototypes sees that today in 2016, at least 25 % of smart phone users know about and understand the value of something like the Live Depot – Wireless Charging Table.

In the interview with Impressive Prototypes, Kyle Squillace and Suzanne Bowen (VP of DIDX) discuss events that are important to both of companies, such as Chicago’s Furniture Show and the Las Vegas CES, and also ITEXPO is a new option that Impressive Prototypes is interested in.

Device charger or end table? How about both in one? Place your order via http://www.impressiveprototypes.com today for worry-free charging the cool way with the Living Depot – Wireless Changing End Table by Impressive Prototypes. They are also available in their Etsy.com store.

Listen to the complete Live Depot – Wireless Charging Table of Impressive Prototypes’ podcast interview with Kyle and Suzanne on DIDX!

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