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Why is Everyone Crazy in Love with WebRTC and Virtual Phone Numbers?

bandwidth, xoxso, cluecon, open source telephony, didx, virtual phone numbers, webrtcCommunicating over Internet or cellular networks have been an ever increasing big deal since 1995 when Vocaltec’s Internet Phone and Nokia’s popular hand sets introduced the world to such. Popular Kamailio, Asterisk and FreeSWITCH developer and telecom engineer Salman Zafar, who has played a major part in the industry for almost seven years, shares the lucrative opportunities in offering mobile VoIP, webRTC and virtual phone line services as well as the tech behind such in a video interview with Techistan reporter Suzanne Bowen.

Salman shares his admiration for IP communications business and development movers and shakers like Olle Johansen, Tim Panton, Brian West, Anthony Minessale II, Giovanni Maruzzelli, Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Bogdan Iancu, Matthew Jordan, Mark Spencer, Rehan Allahwala, David Duffet, Fred Posner and others. These founded or cofounded startups or communities and platforms in this technology field as early as 1999 such as Asterisk and Super Technologies, Inc. He mentions Kazoo from 2600hz, Vopium, DIDX, Verizon, appear.in, and more also.

The interviewer and interviewee discuss the annual Cluecon realtime communications conference that Ms. Bowen participates in and how important webRTC, voice / video / chat over the net is, and how often virtual phone lines (DIDs) are still needed. For example, the webRTC program that these two used (Zoom) offers video and voice, but the bandwidth available on Ms. Bowen’s side at the top of one of Chicago’s tallest buildings just was not enough, so voice was the choice. If that had not worked, they would have resorted to each calling into a teleconference via a local DID (virtual phone line).

Current or potential friends, family, customers and vendors who are far away geographically use virtual phone lines to enable them to call each other without paying expensive international long distance rates.

Apps and devices that are bundled with voice and/or voice and video capablities and virtual phone lines allow significantly empowering communications. Find more about how FreeSWITCH, Kamailio, OpenSIPS, and Asterisk app development and IP realtime communications services can be your new business or upgrade your current offering from Salman Zafar.

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