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Uber hires engineers from Google and Facebook to check hacking

UBER HACKBy Nasreen Lakhdhir and Muneeb Iqbal

Uber Inc. is touted as the airBnB of transportation network companies.  With headquarters in San Francisco, California, it is fast expanding in popularity internationally, becoming available in new countries fast. What makes it so easy and user-friendly is the Uber app in which customers can submit a trip request, and Uber enables its own drivers who use their own cars to choose which transport jobs they can fulfill. Uber’s value is said to $50 billion via investor contributions and $6 billion in private capital.

The latest development with regards to Uber is that it has hired 2 technical people as their computer security engineers namely Charlie Miller and Chris Volasek. These 2 newly appointed engineers would be working at Ubers office in Pittsburg where self driving car and robotic research is being done. The main reason for hiring their expertise is to build a world class safety and security program at Uber and for the same purpose they would be working closely with Joe Sullivan, the chief security officer and John Flynn, the chief information security officer.

In the beginning of this year Uber had also hired Mr. Sullivan who was previously working for Facebook, Uber has been hiring technical staff and around 100 engineers from Google’s various divisions. The company is giving more emphasis to security after its Computer system was hacked giving out potential information like the names and the driver license identification numbers of more than 50,000 of its drivers.

There are more chances of the cars to be hacked as the cars these days have become like the internet connected computers and Uber doesn’t want even one incident of hacking to happen again. Mr. Miller and Mr. Valasek are giving main attention to car hacking, they had also demonstrated ways to control hundreds of thousands of vehicles remotely and they were also able to track the vehicles by their location, their travelling speed and can even manipulate their blinkers, lights, windshield wipers and in few cases can also control the brakes and the steering wheels. Uber plans to continue with the autonomous car research on a long term basis.


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