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Turmoil in the Middle East Improving the Regions Air Quality

CLEAN AIRAny turmoil or war like situation isn’t the best solution or wouldn’t have a positive effect, its outcome would be negative and that is destruction. Heavy usage of bombs and artillery would pollute the environment and also cause severe air pollution. It would take the lives of the innocents and would also contribute to economic and political instability. In the first place wars must be avoided but there are circumstances where it becomes a necessity. Dialogues between countries must be promoted on all possible platforms instead of choosing war.

A team of researchers from the institutions in Germany and Saudi Arabia, they found that the level of pollution is reducing in the major cities of the Middle East, there are certain severe conditions where the level of pollution is less. Professor Lelieveld from the Max Planck Institute by using the satellite data he found out that there is a particular place where the air pollution has declined.

There are many socio economic and geopolitical factors that can increase or decrease the air pollution. In a war zone area the level of air pollution would be high but once people start fleeing the area and economic activity comes to a halt, then such place would notice a considerable amount of decline in pollution. Scientist in the past have also been able to monitor the atmosphere pollutants and they had also deployed the ozone monitoring instrument onboard the NASA AURA satellite and had studied information related to economic, political and military activity that had its impact in the Middle East and the levels of Nitrogen Oxides were also checked.

A decrease in the level of air pollution can also be noticed in cities like Cairo, Damascus, Tehran and Baghdad. There is also a strong reduction in air pollution in Greece which has almost reduced by 50% and this can relate to the economic and financial crisis that they started witnessing since 2008. A similar reduction in air pollution can be noticed in Syria and Egypt since 2011.


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