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The Connected Heart, a Blessing of E-Cupid, Sort of

TThe lady won the big heart box of chocolates from DIDX at ITExPO East 2013 in Miami Beach.he DID’s ability to send and receive a text message is the E-Cupid for a healthy heart, it seems. (“DID” means direct inward dialing and has become almost synonymous with phone number.) Typically, persons with atrial fibrillation, a condition that causes an irregular heartbeat. By traditional standard, it has been treated with blood thinners, but over a lifetime, that can lead to unhealthy complications. What about a cardiac monitor that is approximately the size of a paper clip placed under the skin? It is real, it can keep track of one’s heart rate, communicate directly with a patient’s phone, send updates to a website and send a text message to one’s doctor as needed! Thank you, Dr. Rod Passman, the inventor.

@EricTopol said it best in his Twitter feed recently, “You know wireless connected hearts are big when they show up @PopMech (in new How to Survive issue) by @KiraPeikoff.”

It is a proactive approach that emphasizes management rather than diagnosis.

It appears that the tiny cardiac monitor can help patients to receive the right amount of blood thinner at any given point in time. Irregular heart beat can lead to blood clots, and blood thinners can keep a patient from blood clot formation.

Dr. Passman is one of 111 doctors at Northwestern Memorial Hospital who specialize in Cardiovascular Disease. The hospital is planning a 6,000 patient trial.

The fitness obsessed and the chronically ill have been using health monitoring devices more than anyone in the form of, for example, the runners’ heart rate monitor and the diabetics’ blood glucose monitor. Now, the trend of the paper clip-sized monitor with electronic communication capabilities may expand the potential market. An IBM study shows that 71 % of consumers and patients are more interested in their doctors’ advice and how a device can really help them than its brand name. In addition, 77 % of consumers and patients feel concerned about privacy and security in regards to an electronic health monitor.

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