true people connector – Techistan Technology Blog Sat, 29 Aug 2015 03:37:58 +0000 en-US hourly 1 1 Billion People Used Facebook on 24th August 2015 Sat, 29 Aug 2015 03:37:58 +0000 FACEBOOK ONE BILLION USERSOn Monday 24th August 2015, 1 billion people used Facebook, this is for the first time that it surpassed such a huge figure on a single day which means that 1 in 7 people worldwide had used Facebook that day to get in touch with their friends and family. Mark Zuckerberg the co-founder and CEO of Facebook had confirmed this figure. This is a milestone for Facebook because they haven’t witnessed a huge login in a single day, usually on the monthly basis they have 1.5 billion users.

Mark Zuckerberg had posted the following on 27th August 2015

“We just passed an important milestone for the first time ever; one billion people used Facebook in a single day”.

This is a big achievement for Facebook and it is proving itself to be a global connector, this is what Mark has to say

“This is just the beginning of connecting the whole world”.

Facebook has been growing steadily and had approximately 968 million daily users in the second quarter of this year and on the monthly basis it had 1.49 active users. These figures include users who used Facebook from various devices such as the smart phones and tablets also.

Facebook provides a platform that connects people globally which gives birth to strong relationships, even if you live in different countries very easily you can connect with your loved ones and still be in touch with them and at the same time it can also be a source for creating economic opportunities.


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FACEBOOKS BILLION from Techistan on Vimeo.

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