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Shop for the Opp to be a Mymero Mobile APP Game Star on Kickstarter!

Kickstarter is the hip place to shop for music, fashion, technology and with Mymero mobile app card game by Floris de Vries, to be a gaming star. Watch leading millennial Floris de Vries and Generation Xer Michel Vaillancourt’s discussion of medieval and techno music, mobile app development, gaming, steampunk culture, entrepreneurship and Kickstarter crowdsourcing and shopping.


The Kickstarter perks for Mymero include:

1. Soundtrack of Floris’ band The Penultimate Truth’s medieval, techno influenced music

2. Everything above + all card sets and items in the game

3. Everything above + an original Mymero t-shirt

4. Everything above + your own character card in the game in which you choose the face, character and name!!! $43

5. Everything above + the same for one friend $66

6. Everything above + your own custom Mymero t-shirt! Why not make it your character?! $67

7. Everything above 1 – 4 and 6 + the same for your friend $100 USD


Mymero character card game on Kickstarter



“Mymero” is an anagram from the word “memory.” Kickstarter is truly a shoppers’ dream where all of us can be first buyers of the coolest music, fashion, technology and opportunities like such as where contributors can even be a character and help develop that character in the mobile app card game Mymero!

Floris de Vries, the mobile app developer, played piano growing up and began composing techno and electronica type music later which eventually led to his band The Penultimate Truth whose music is available on the Mymero mobile app card game Kickstarter as a perk for contributing.

Michel Vaillancourt, a steampunk author and telecommunications entrepreneur noted, “Feminism is a very important part of steampunk. The best steampunk writers are women writing with female characters…good stuff as far as I’m concerned. Steampunk is very niche mostly because – well there’s one fellow here in Canada who wrote his PhD in Literature on ‘What is Steampunk?’ He concluded that it was an aesthetic. It’s not literature. It is not a music. It’s a look that you stick on to something else. You just take something, paint it brown and put gears on it…”

Also he shared, “Feminism isn’t a popular topic in Hollywood…the most popular steampunk stuff…female characters, doing very powerful, empowered things…good science is what happens when you put a real person in an unreal circumstance?”

Floris mentioned that female characters are easier to find and seem more interesting to men and women than male characters. In Floris’ Mymero mobile app card game Kickstarter, contributors can choose a perk that includes having his or her face or another person’s face of his or her choice on a character in the card game, placing a real person in an unreal circumstance also. In the Mymero Kickstarter, one of the perks is to share your face shot and make up a fantasy name and class of person for yourself. Floris feels this develops mutual ownership in the game among him and all of the Kickstarter contributors who choose this perk.

How does Mymero work? Gamers try to fulfill quests, and they look for characters that will help do so because of their charisma, strength, diplomacy, magical powers, wealth, aristocracy and such. Players need to figure out which three cards they need to have face up when they start each quest. Celica, messenger of souls, is the character whose image covers the Mymero t-shirt that is also available as a perk for contribution.

$43 gets the music of The Penultimate Truth, your face or a friend’s face as a character in the Mymero card game, etc. which is about the price for two people to see a movie and eat popcorn and soda, but the perks in Mymero last. The movie, food and drink are gone by two hours or so.

Pirates fill Michel Vaillancourt’s books in the Sauder Diaries, and there is a pirate in Floris’ Mymero mobile app character card game. You can be a pirate or whatever you want to be Mymero. Look it up on Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/662901764/mymero-for-ipad.

Mymero Facebook page is at https://www.facebook.com/AtogGames/, too, under Atog Games. Must be an acronym for “Goat” or “Toga?”

Thank you to Written in NerdTracker II v2.1 by Mysid and rendered in Festalon v0.2.4, emulating the NES sound chip … https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Chiptune2.ogg.


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