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Rehan Allahwala’s Interview on Dunya TV In the program Texas Ki Dunya

Rehan AllahwalaRehan Allahwala appeared on a show called Texas Ki Dunya (The World of Texas) on Dunya TV. This interview is about the competition of making 500 mutual friends with Rehan.

Rehan said that the purpose of making 500 mutual friends with him was that he had worked for around 9 years and gathered 5000 unique friends on Facebook and these are the people who don’t spoil matters and he is offering these people to the others who can change their surrounding and atmosphere. You are seeing negativity all around you, you can put forward your problem in front of his friends and when you post any issue on your wall and when you have Rehan’s 500 mutual friends then you would be able to see positivity around you.

Just think about it that if you are in a room where there are 500 people who don’t speak negative at all even if it’s coming in their minds then just imagine what would be the energy level in that room, you can do whatever you want and no one will tell you anything negative, they would highlight the good things, then automatically you would start doing good things because there would be none to scold or discourage you when something wrong would be done you would be stopped but you don’t highlight the good part because you think there is no use of doing so. When you say something people criticize you but when you become good people ourselves then people won’t blame others that’s why I believe Rehan believes in the concept of mutual friends and this he has been saying since many years and that’s the reason many people are offended and tell him that he sends so many friends suggestions to them but for that also he needs to spare his valuable time for e.g. if you belong to the media and if he helps you make 500 media friends from the US then you would become so powerful and when you work with the people of CNN and BBC then you would automatically get highlighted, but if you don’t have proper friends then whom would you sell your opportunity to because you are not visible to the right gentry because things which cannot be seen cannot be sold.

Interviewer: Rehan was asked that we are hesitant to become friends with the Americans and other nationalities, what is the reason? May be because they don’t understand the posting we do and maybe we are not able to explain to them.  

Rehan Allahwala: I know three people out of them one is a female who is Swedish who has now started reading Urdu because she has 500 Pakistani friends and there is a Jewish friend, who starts his conversation with me by saying As salaam o Alaikum Rehan, how are you? He is the same person who till 6 months used to say that he wouldn’t befriend me as he would be friends with his relatives only and now he has 800 Pakistani friends and when it was his wife’s birthday he ordered her clothes from Pakistani that reached her through India and this happened just because he communicated with the Pakistani people and this changed his mind set.

We live in a global society, we have to live in a global society, and we have to learn how to live together in harmony. We are like the frogs who have all been put together to swim. We have internet, Facebook, television, movies everything is available positive as well as negative it is our choice what aspect we want to choose, it’s up to you what you want to watch, the news channel or the history channel. How many people prefer watching the history of the tech channel or the national geographic channel? There are social and psychological reasons behind it because our mind likes to see negative things.

Tony Buzan has written about 112 books related to the mind and I made friendship with him that may be I might be able to learn something from him and my mind would get sharpened by at least by 1%. Rehan also mentioned that he had taken Siraj ul Haq to Tony Buzan and when Siraj met Tony he said that we have too much terrorism in our country to which Tony reacted and said “Terrorism in your country” No there are still so many people who sleep peacefully in the night and wake up peacefully in the morning”. Come have a look in London, how many people die daily? You do not know because you don’t get to see it.

In American approximately 50,000 people get murdered every year but we do not see it in the news but in our country negative things get highlighted and not the positive ones. This is also good news that 22 million people in Karachi sleep peacefully and wake up the same way. For e.g. when someone slaps someone that becomes a headline but when nothing of that sort happens then no one even speaks about it. We can spread positivity by spreading the good news, in some countries like Dubai and Singapore no one can print any negative news without the prior permission of the government.

Further more in the interview Rehan Allahwala explained about the various websites he has created, he spoke about Rehantraining.com, where you have the opportunity to increase your skills, there are about 70 skills which can be learnt for free, if any skill needs to be added that also can be done.

There is an old saying that “When the student is ready the teacher will appear”. When we do away with negativity the doors to opportunity will open up automatically and all our obstacles will disappear. Leave the people aside and first we must try to improve ourselves.  When we come to America we don’t do anything wrong because we fear that the police will catch us as the laws are very strict over there and the other possibility is that we are good human beings and don’t believe in doing anything wrong or something that is against the law. Muslims don’t like to do the work of interests in the bank only because they have the fear of Allah Almighty.

Furthermore Rehan also discussed about his website Rehan University, which has courses from Edex and Coursera that is affiliated with Harvard University and MIT. There are thousands of videos available for different courses and also related to a variety of skills that may be video production, mobile phone designing or even accounting. All these videos can be viewed free of cost all you have to do is just login and start watching the videos for which you must have the passion.

Interviewer: Any message you would like to convey?

Rehan Allahwala: – You must connect with people whom you do not know, you can connect with them on Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter any platform that suits you. Do not give monetary help to anyone, don’t give them the fish but teach people how to do fishing. If you want to become rich then you have to surround yourself with the rich people. When you empower people you will automatically receive it from Almighty Allah.

Interviewer: – Any message for the Pakistani parents?

Rehan Allahwala: Do connect on Facebook, make friends, guide your children, become their friends and do not scold them. Explain things to them in a nice way. Times have changed and every generation needs to be handled differently. Nowadays families don’t communicate with each other which is wrong. It requires a whole village to bring up a child and you cannot isolate them. It is the responsibility of the parents to first speak to themselves and then to their kids and give them love and affection instead of shouting at them.

Interviewer: – What would you say to the people of Texas?

When you go the mosque mingle with people, exchange your contact number with each other, give your 2 minute introduction to the people. You need to develop and strengthen your relationships, when you prepare food make 10% more and give to your neighbors and do tell them not to send the Tiffin empty back to you and also let them know what you would prefer for breakfast. What you prefer to eat yourself the same food share it with your neighbors.

Make friends with the English and non Muslim people, communicate with them and learn from them too. You can learn good things from where ever you get to learn. Spread knowledge whatever you know share it with people by making videos because these videos would remain on the internet forever even if you die your knowledge would be present in the shape of the videos from which people would benefit all their lives and remember when you spread knowledge you will automatically gain more.




TEXAS KI DUNYA from Techistan on Vimeo.

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