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Put the Assistive Touch to Your Tech Blog Posts with TLC

Blind people need Alt Text on Images. Empower them by using them.People who are blind read, too. People who are paraplegic surf the web, too. Both just do it differently from the way others read and surf the web. People who are super busy often can successfully do more than one thing at a time.  All three of these type of people use “Text to Speech” and/or “Speech to Text.” Assistive technologies and assistive actions on your part and our part have the power of being more inclusive of all types of people and making sure all can use the Net conveniently and easily.

Super Technologies, Inc. is the company that manages Techistan magazine. Our team all read IRC and web forums that discuss topics such as assistive tech, fintech, voIP, IoT, world peace, international business collaborations, religious tolerance and so on. We got to know this guy in Saudi Arabia who prefers we not name him. So, we’ll just say his name is Ali. He is blind. He taught us so much about what it is like to be blind and highly talented in open source development.

Ali is the one who said that every website developer, blogger, and mobile app developer should name each image they upload with something relevant to its content. Fill in the Alt Text and Description sections of image information when uploading. People who are blind or are not able to use their hands or even people who are just plain super busy… need Alt Text filled in on Images, for example, because they often use “Text to Speech” to “read” and “surf the Net.”

Empower everyone. Develop the Net for everyone, even people who cannot or who do not have time to see.

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