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Pakistan: Give us your finger prints or lose your phone services





This is an effort being made to maintain a national biometric database, the authorities had issued an ultimatum to the people that if they want to maintain their sim cards they would have to get their biometric verification, anyone failing to do so would face the closure of the service.

The use of mobile phones in Pakistan has increased and according to the Pakistan Telecommunication more than 100 million Pakistani’s use mobile phones. Biometric verification of the sim cards is also very important to trace each and every number that has been issued and to know who the owner of the number is. This measure has also been taken to curb the problem of terrorism that Pakistan is also facing similar to other countries, as Pakistan has no intention of being a safe haven for any terrorist or their terrorist activities therefore it has taken the step of biometric verification.

The latest incident that happened at a school in Peshawar where more than 140 children and teachers lost their lives and the terrorist had communicated with each other through their cell phones that were registered on the name of a Peshawari woman who had nothing to do with the incident.

By having every user to go through the procedure of biometric the government would have the complete data, fingerprints which can be easily traced out when required, this would hopefully also reduce such incidents in future.

Getting each and every sim card verified isn’t an easy task that is why the deadline has been extended to April 15. For the same purpose the users had to stand in the long queues and wait for their turn to come in which the daily wages worker also suffered. The first phase of this process had begun from January 12 and approximately 72 million sim cards have already been verified.

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