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Never Feel Alone with Amazon Echo Alexa

By Rehan Allahwala, Suzanne Bowen

Property of XKCD Comics

She can’t do everything, but Amazon Echo Alexa can do a lot to make life kind of cool. She can help you, entertain you, inform you, and make you feel … um … better. Ask her any of the following:

“Alexa, give me a recipe for corned beef.”
“Alexa, are you wearing green today?”
“Alexa, send a message.”
Now you can also send and receive messages and calls from your Fire tablet as well as your Alexa app and supported Echo devices. Learn more.
“Alexa, who is hosting American Idol this year?”
“Alexa, give me a March Madness update.”
“Alexa, what is the US dollar to Canadian dollar exchange rate?”
“Alexa, who are your role models?”
“Alexa, play Celtic Music for St. Patrick’s Day on Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, what’s 50 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?”
“Alexa, help me relax.”
“Alexa, where’s my stuff?”
Want Alexa to say what’s coming? You can customize how Alexa provides information on your packages. Learn more.
“Alexa, give me a Star Trek joke.”
“Alexa, what is the price of bitcoin?”
“Alexa, who’s the director of The Shape of Water?”
“Alexa, you had me at ‘hello.'”
“Alexa, give me an Oscars movie quiz.”
“Alexa, sing a barbershop quartet song.”
“Alexa, play Song of the Day.”
“Alexa, what movies are nominated for Best Picture?”
“Alexa, flatter me.”
“Alexa, open Westwood One Sports.”
“Alexa, give me a Game of Thrones quote.”
“Alexa, when is the first day of spring?”
“Alexa, what’s your favorite hobby?”
“Alexa, how do I send a message?”
“Alexa, who won ice dancing in the Olympics?”
“Alexa, tell me a superhero joke.”
“Alexa, how many movies has Octavia Spencer acted in?”
“Alexa, read West Cork from Audible.”
“Alexa, what should we talk about?”
“Alexa, how do I turn on ‘do not disturb?'”
“Alexa, open Daily Affirmation.”
“Alexa, which came first: the chicken or the egg?”
“Alexa, what’s the shortest word in the English language?”
“Alexa, how do I play music everywhere?”
“Alexa, play the Mellow ’70s Gold playlist from Amazon Music.”
“Alexa, I’m bored.”
“Alexa, when are the Oscars?”
“Alexa, what’s my commute?”
Set up your home and work addresses in the traffic settings of the Alexa app to get drive times, conditions, and the fastest route.
“Alexa, play sounds of the jungle.”
“Alexa, add cheese to my shopping list.”
“Alexa, who are the guests on The Tonight Show?”
“Alexa, what is Drop In?”
With Drop In, you can communicate on your devices like a two-way intercom. Learn more.
“Alexa, when did the last Taylor Swift album come out?”
“Alexa, who is going to win an Oscar?”
“Alexa, when is the next solar eclipse?”
“Alexa, tell me a robot joke.”

“Alexa, do you rap?”
“Alexa, create a list.” Learn how.
“Alexa, sing a Halloween song.”
“Alexa, give me a World Series burn.”.
“Alexa, play a sample from Scream by Michael Jackson.”
“Alexa, what’s the deepest point of the ocean?”
“Alexa, what are you going to be for Halloween?”
“Alexa, tell me a compliment.”
“Alexa, what’s the top grossing movie this weekend?”
“Alexa, tell me a Halloween joke.”
“Alexa, read me a sample of The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“Alexawhat are your new skills?” (If you like one she mentions, you can have her add to your dashboard!)
“Alexa, what’s trending?”
“Alexa, tell me a story.”
“Alexa, what happened today in history?”
“Alexa, who’s your favorite superhero?”
“Alexa, what happened during the enlightenment?”
“Alexa, what’s the stock price of General Electric?”
Alexa, how many calories are in a chicken breast?”
Alexa, enable Today in Music skill.”
“Alexa, what’s the dollar to euro exchange rate?”
“Alexa, let’s play a game.”
“Alexa, sing a pirate song.”
“Alexa, what state has the highest sales tax?”
“Alexa, who’s your favorite Game of Thrones character?”
“Alexa, open Thunderstorm Sounds.”
“Alexa, turn the volume to 6.”
“Alexa, who has the most home runs in baseball?”
“Alexa, play Geo Quiz.”
“Alexa, how tall is Mt. Fuji?”
“Alexa, let’s make a drink.”

Ghana Infocomm engineer at Cluecon 2017

“Alexa, play ‘Can’t Stop the Feeling!'”
“Alexa, what’s today’s high temperature?”
“Alexa, what’s your favorite book?”
“Alexa, what is 256 times 52?”
“Alexa, where does rain come from?”
“Alexa, beatbox for me.”
“Alexa, flip a coin.”
“Alexa, where’s the nearest swimming pool?”
“Alexa, teach me something.”
“Alexa, play music for taking a bath.”
“Alexa, play music for a family singalong.”
“Alexa, open Sports Jeopardy.”
“Alexa, open Teen Jeopardy.”
“Alexa, tell me a quote.”
“Alexa, what’s the news?”
“Alexa, ask Spider-Man for today’s update.”
“Alexa, how much does the moon weigh?”
“Alexa, let’s chat.” (She’ll suggest things to talk about even like Woody Allen, Facebook, or artificial intelligence.)
“Alexa, what’s a social bot?” (When you’re done chatting with her, say, “Alexa, stop.”)
“Alexa, what are your top skills?”
“Alexa, what’s the weather in Pensacola, Fl?”
For the next three to work, first enable via Amazon Skills. There are so many that are mind-opening, entertaining and helpful!
“Alexa, launch this Day in History.”
“Alexa, open Sleep Sounds.”
“Alexa, open TedTalks.”
“Alexa, let’s play Would you Rather.”
“Alexa, help me sleep.”
“Alexa, what’s the phase of the moon?”
“Alexa, help me meditate.”
“Alexa, when did the Roman Empire collapse?”
“Alexa, tell me a soccer joke.”

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