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We all have a very hectic schedule in our life and are worried about different things that add to our stress and anxiety. There are many responsibilities that we need to fulfill and even meet deadlines like paying the bills on time, children school fees and many other things that keep us under stress. We sometimes think of different ways to keep away from stress like listening to music watching television, do yoga or meditation, but now there is a company that thinks technology can be used for doing away with stress and anxiety.

MUSE the brain sensing headband has been created by a Toronto based company called Interaxon. This headband has sensors that measures and checks your brain activity, along with it, it has an application called calm to train your mind and to keep it more focused. This headband also has a game to keep your attention drawn towards it and would also act as a motivator.

By wearing the Muse headband during the most stressful time of the day you would still feel relaxed and it would also store the information so that you can track your data whenever required and you would come to know the reason as to why were you stressed out, this is an added function which you wouldn’t get with yoga or meditation.

To see the efficiency of the band you would have to use it regularly as there is still some debate over the effectiveness of this medical app as it has not been approved medically.

The most important issue that Muse headband would have to face is the high price of $300, Muse at the time being has limited capabilities. Muse headband is based on EEG technology (electroencephatography technology), that can monitor the electrical brain activity, the sensors are placed inside the headband and the earpieces that help measure the brain activity.

Muse can be connected to your smart phone through the Bluetooth and is accompanied with a free calm app that is compatible with iOS, android and kindle fire devices and the battery of Muse can last for 5 hours.

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