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MISI Awarded Cyber Innovation Contract with USCYBERCOM

The Maryland Innovation and Security Institute (MISI) has been awarded a five-year Partnership Intermediary Agreement (PIA) by United States Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) to innovate new technologies in an unclassified, state-of-the-art facility located in Columbia, MD.
As part of the PIA, MISI will engage small businesses, entrepreneurs, academia, traditional businesses and others to build an innovation, collaboration, and prototyping facility called DreamPort. This facility will foster collaboration and prototyping in highly configurable laboratories, co-working spaces, project rooms, and conference facilities. Once established, the DreamPort will host collaborative, technical interchange meetings, monthly rapid prototyping events, and provide daily access to their cutting-edge facilities. The DreamPort will also host two STEM events annually to inspire future cyber warriors and defenders.
MISI will also assemble a network of cyber organizations and professionals referred to as the Partnership Network, and deliver an information portal, DreamFinder. The synergism of the DreamPort, Partnership Network, and DreamFinder will accelerate the delivery of innovative solutions to USCYBERCOM.
“We are honored to establish and operate this USCYBERCOM innovation facility,” said Karl Gumtow, the MISI Director, “I am most excited about accessing the innovative solutions created when small businesses and academia are engaged, even though these are not normally used in US Government solutions. The community doesn’t have to wait until the physical facility is completed to engage. They can go to our website and sign-up to learn more about the DreamPort as well as register to be a cyber-subject matter expert for upcoming collaboration and prototyping events.”
MISI’s startup partners include several community innovators such as SINET, Federal Business Council (FBC), CyberPoint, the Johns Hopkins University, University System of Maryland, and the George Washington University.
To learn more about the DreamPort, contact Karl Gumtow at kgumtow @ misi.tech.
About the Maryland Innovative & Security Institute
MISI is a non-profit organization formed exclusively to further and promote charitable, educational, and scientific purposes including, but not limited to, furthering innovation in cybersecurity through education, global technology partnerships, investment, and community engagement to create a collaborative network of subject matter experts and cyber professionals.
To learn more, visit misi.tech.

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