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Kissenger Stars Apple as Cupid and Facetime as the Bow and Arrow

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Apple must be feeling like Cupid, and Facetime its bow and arrow. iPhone users may soon look as if they really love their devices maybe a little too much, in which their FaceTime is paired with a virtual kiss experience of Kissenger. And separation makes the heart grow fonder? Hmm… Kissenger, a mobile kiss messenger, enables people to share a kiss no matter how geographically apart each kiss participant is. Whether the person is in need of a kiss on the forehead by Mom to deal with hard times at work, relationships, finances or health as in…

“Who ran to help me when I fell, And would some pretty story tell, Or kiss the place to make it well? My mother.” Jane Taylor, an English poet who lived from 1783 to 1824.

Or…in need of the kiss of appreciation, admiration, respect, and collaboration as in the opposite of…

“…I would hate to play a princess waiting for the prince to come and give her a kiss.” Golshifteh Farahani, an Irani actress, born in 1983.

Or any kind of a kiss, like a virtual phone number knocks down a few physical barriers, Reality Labs declares it makes available Kissenger to bridge the physical with the virtual, just a bit or byte. Supposedly, participants will at some point be able to smell the other’s saliva. Really? The scent part is actually a part of a project to take Kissenger to the next level among Japanese and Malaysian university developers such as Emma Yann Zhang.

What is the science behind the Kissenger experience?

The process involves enabling users to–at the same time–send and receive a sensation of kissing. The two involved in the kiss place their iPhones into a Kissenger gadget and then either Skype or FaceTime each other. When each put their lips on the silicone pads that have force sensors, 1s and 0s of data are transmitted, in real-time communications to each other. The actuators under the silicone pads vibrate in an attempt to reproduce the original sender’s action.

Amidst deep discussions of whether Kissenger is ethically, religiously or even emotionally okay, tests are under way among real people who have real relationships such as friends who share a kiss of assurance, Dad’s kiss on the top of the forehead to boost a child’s confidence, a person’s kiss of admiration on the hand of the admired or a kiss between man and wife and such. The test subjects will be monitored for changes in blood pressure and heart rate.

“This is an Internet of People, not Things,” says VoIP pioneer Jeff Pulver. Hear him speak at ITEXPO IDEA SHOWCASE 2017.

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