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#JusticeMatters social media campaign to mark 17 July, Day of International Criminal Justice

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THE HAGUE, Netherlands, July 4, 2016 – The International Criminal Court (ICC)  has launched a new #JusticeMatters social media campaign from 1 to 17 July, the Day of International Criminal Justice, including a Facebook photo contest. Participants are invited to submit photos, to ask their networks to like and share them, and to challenge their friends to add a little justice to their world view.

Photos of the scales of justice will be submitted on the ICC 17 July Facebook page transforming a monument, city skyline or a natural landscape into a symbol of justice. The three photos to receive the most “likes” and “shares” will win a Justice Matters photo book. The campaign aims to raise awareness of the ICC, its goals, and the importance of international criminal justice on a global scale.

The Day of International Criminal Justice marks the anniversary of the adoption on 17 July 1998 of the Rome Statute, the founding treaty of the ICC, which seeks to deter people from genocide, crimes against humanity and war crime. Under the Rome Statute, the ICC can only investigate and prosecute the four core international crimes which are genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes and the crime of aggression in situations where states are “unable” or “unwilling” to do so themselves.

The Rome Statute was adopted by a vote of 120 to 7. Twenty-one countries abstained. The People’s Republic of China, Israel, and the United States of America were three of the seven that voted “No.” They each publicly confirmed that their votes were negative. Different researchers and commentators have said that the other four are among the following: India, Indonesia, Iraq, Libya, Qatar, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, and Yemen.

17 July unites all those who wish to support justice, promote victims’ rights, and help prevent crimes that threaten the peace and security of the world.

[The original press release was distributed by APO on behalf of International Criminal Court (ICC). Techistan writing team added some research to explain the background of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court that was adopted in Rome on 17 July 1998.]

For further information, please contact Fadi El Abdallah, Spokesperson and Head of Public Affairs Unit, International Criminal Court, by telephone at: +31 (0)70 515-9152 or +31 (0)6 46448938 or by e-mail at: fadi.el-abdallah @ icc-cpi.int.

You can also follow the Court’s activities on ICC Tumblr, ICC YouTube and ICC Twitter. Visit www.ICC-CPI.int today.

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