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Intelisys and Telarus Win Best Master Agency for VARs & MSPs Award from Telecom Association for 2017

Intelisys Best for Cloud Training & Financial Support

Telarus Best for Back Office & “Sell it for or with you”

LAKE ELSINORE, CA – October 26, 2017 – Intelisys, a ScanSource company and Telarus, two competing national distributors of cloud, wide area network and managed services both win the 2017 title of “Best Master Agency for VARs and MSPs” from Telecom Association, a professional membership organization of 4,000 independent telecom agents and channel sales partners primarily based in the US.

“The association conducted ‘on the record’ one-on-one phone interviews with current VARs (value added resellers) and MSPs (managed service providers) to learn how they decided which master agencies to work with as they migrated into cloud, network and managed services in order to add MRR (monthly recurring revenue) to their income stream that generally relied on one-time equipment sales”, stated Telecom Association president, Dan Baldwin.Partners Choice Winner for Best Master Agency for MSPs & VARs

VARs & MSPs wanting to go “all in” with an in-house cloud services department tended to choose Intelisys for their unique Intelisys Cloud Services University and Super9 training & certification programs as well as the financial support from the Intelisys Advance Commission Program & Partner Investment Program.

Telarus was the top choice for VARs & MSPs looking for a “sell it for or with me” master agency or a master agency that had the best of breed back office software support systems”, added Baldwin.

These “try before they buy” VARs & MSPs rated Telarus’ patented GeoQuote back office software as the best in the industry. As well, Telarus’ “we’ll sell for you or with you” program allows VARs & MSPs to be totally involved in the complex sales they source or to simply hand the lead over to a Telarus “white labeled” sales engineer who will close the deal for a VAR or MSP while representing the VAR or MSPs best interests.

Download TA’s “Best Master Agency for VAR’s & MSPs” 2017 Report

To obtain a full copy of Telecom Association’s “Best Master Agency for VAR’s & MSPs” 2017 Report which provides greater detail into how VARs & MSPs choose between Intelisys, Telarus and the other master agencies that ranked in the Top 25 among VARs & MSPs, please email Dan at ICTA.us with “#BestMasterAgency4VARs” in the subject line.


How to Participate in 2017/2018 Award & Report Interviews

Telecom Association’s annual awards & reports such as Recommended Partners and Recommended Vendors in 80+ categories are based on phone interviews conducted by association Executive Director Dan Baldwin with industry customers, consultants and provider employees. To participate in a 2017/2018 award or report, please email Dan at ICTA.us with “#RecommendedPartner” or “#RecommendedVendor” in the subject line. In the body of the email please indicate which Partner or Vendor you believe is “award worthy”. Please include details as to why you hold this opinion.

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