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Google Chrome To Block Flash Ads, Auto- Playing Videos September 1, 2015

GOOGLE CHROMEBy Muneeb Iqbal and Nasreen Lakdhir

Good news for the Google Chrome users beginning September 1, 2015! No more forced views of flash ads and auto playing videos when you open a web page. One more annoyance and distraction eliminated. Google Chrome plans to block all Adobe Flash content which is not central to the specific web page theme.

Auto playing videos will by default be set to pause and left to the user to watch the video or not. Word has it that advertisers who want to be more visible while advertising with video on Google Chrome should switch over to HTML5 in order to avoid being blocked.

The results for users include a better browsing experience and increased device battery life. The auto playing ads consume a considerable amount of CPU time. The move by Google may also reduce malware from spreading through some typically malicious flash ads.

Since the beginning of 2015, Youtube uses HTML5 by default. Google also has been automatically converting most flash ads available to the Adwords network to HTML5. Not only Google Chrome will ban Flash Ads, but also Amazon, which makes two of the world’s biggest Internet giants to do so.


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