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FORD launches e bike at the mobile show





The Ford motor company is an American multi-national company with its head quarter in Michigan, the founder of this company was Henry Ford. This company is famous for selling automobiles and commercial vehicles under its umbrella and even sells luxury cars under the name of Lincoln.

At this World Mobile Congress 2015, the Ford Company has introduced the electric bicycle as it wants to go a step further than getting itself involved in cars only. This would be a way to expand their business and would also be a new venue for making money with the smart transportation system.

Fords e- bike has two types of bikes one that can be used for the people to commute and the other type can be put to commercial use for the couriers. These e- bikes have the navigation system in it that can be linked to the smart phone app.

Ford Company is very much interested in the concept of smart mobility and wants to study that how the e-bike can be a part of the cars and the public transport that are present on the street. According to the Vice President of Ford Research and Advanced Engineering there are many ways available to move around the city, but there is a necessity to connect all these transport options together. The problem of traffic congestion is very much present in the European countries which cost 100bn Euros a year according to the European commission.

Both types of the Ford e-bike have 200 watt motor with a 9amp hour battery which provides electric pedal assistance for the speed up to 25km/h, these bikes are also foldable. When a car is near to the bike and tries to overtake it, it would alert the rider by lighting its handlebars. This e bike has the capability to plan the entire route that you would want to travel through the haptic touch technology and it also notifies the rider whether to move right or left.


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