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Facebook to Bring Video Matching Technology to Curb Piracy

video matching technology of facebookBy Muneeb Iqbal and Nasreen Lakhdhir

So, you’re a great singer and you recorded yourself singing one of the most recent top 50 POP hits. Then, you uploaded it to Facebook. Uh! Oh! When video sharing usage increases, it is inevitable that good and bad occur. Facebook plans to fight the piracy problem of video sharing without permission from those own the originals. Facebook is against piracy and has forged a solution to fight it. It will launch the Matching Technology, which informs the original owners of the video when the pirated video has been uploaded on Facebook network.

Facebook’s attention will especially be targeted toward the third parties that misuse the content of its partners. Anyone can put themselves in the place of the original content’s creator and imagine not getting the credit deserved for the being the originator of the work. Facebook ultimately had to respond after the distributors complained about rampant piracy by Facebook users. As much as 70% of videos of the famous have been uploaded on Facebook and such incurs issues with copyright. Typically, anyone to this point has been able to upload practically any video to Facebook without repercussion.

Jukin Media which is a video licensing agency and Full Screen CEO George Strompotos who runs the biggest network of Youtube videos have now become partners with Facebook along with Zefr, a service company that helps content owners track their clips on Youtube. Facebook is working with these and other companies in collaboration with the Video Matching Technology.

Think twice before you upload, for example, a recording of your favorite music artist in concert or a clip from your favorite sitcom!


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