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Facebook Test a Digital Assistant for its Messaging App

FACEBOOKS ASSISTANT MThere are many intelligent digital personal assistants like Microsoft’s Cortana, Apple Inc.’s Siri and Google Now who can help you get information regarding an Indian Desi hotel nearby you or a wedding anniversary reminder but these are technology supported and none can talk to you directly.

This is the Facebook’s new messenger assistant “M”, which would be different than the others as it is a combination of artificial intelligence and real people who can handle the physical task. In future all the tech companies would require to get their daily chores completed easily and need it to be as simple as asking a question to a digital assistant.

On Wednesday the social networking giant announced the testing of the intelligent assistant “M”, which will be a feature present inside the Facebook’s messenger. The user can either text or message their query to the assistant and would get the reply accordingly.  The other intelligent assistants that are there are a pure product of technology like Siri from Apple, which is a voice controlled assistant and is integrated into the Iphone and responds to verbal questions, Cortana from Microsoft, Echo from Amazon. All the digital assistants get data from a search engine so that they know about the people’s preferences to provide them with better facilities, similarly Facebook has access to huge data of its users their likes and dislikes, and can use that to improve its services including the digital assistants performance too, which is going to be a plus point for Facebook.

There are startup services like Operator and Magic that have real customer service representatives along with their app who respond to the user’s request. But Facebook’s approach would be a combination of technology and paid employees working for “M” to give intelligent and more accurate results. At present this service is being tested by a few people and since quiet sometime the employees of Facebook have been testing it too.

According to David Marcus of Facebook, the VP of messaging products, “This is an early journey to build “M” into an at-scale service” It is really exciting when people would get their entire required task done by the messenger’s digital assistant”.


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FACEBOOK ASSISTANT from Techistan on Vimeo.

Video courtesy WSJ.

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