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Facebook introduces free friend to friend payments through messages


Free freind to freind payment on Facebook Messenger




Facebook is the number one online social networking website service and a best way for connecting with friends and family. The user can connect with new people, can update their status, share their photos and also tag people, profile can also be created and updated. For befriending anyone you can also send friend request and can receive.

Facebook is continuously upgrading its features and keeps on making changes. Now you would be able to solve your financial problem of paying your debt or settling your bill and for that you would not have to use another service, which can be done on Facebook as it has introduced a new feature through which payment can be done through Facebook’s messenger that lets you connect to your Visa or Master card and by taping the $ button you can send friends money on the iOS, Android and even the desktop with no charges at all. This service would first be available in the U.S. in the coming months.

This feature of Facebook that is the friend to friend payment can be challenging for the competitors like Paypal and Venmo as this is a free service that Facebook is going to provide therefore Paypal would be suffering as they charge 2.9% plus $0.30 fee for each transaction from the debit card.

The main aim of Facebook is not to enter into the payment business but to provide a facility to its users that would keep them engaged to its platform once the feature is available a $ button would be visible in the messenger message composer next to the option of sending a photo or sticker. When the button would be taped the user will have to enter the debit card information and the Visa and Master card can be used.

The user just has to tap the $ button and enter the dollar amount and then hit pay, this way the money would be reduced from the debit card and would be transferred to the recipients debit account. To confirm the transaction both parties would get a confirmation message.

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