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Everything that Facebook announced during its F8 Developers Conference




The conference started on the 26th March 2015 in San Francisco and 27th March was the second day. It is for sure a big day for Facebook as its Co Founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced many new developments as under.

  1. Unveiling of the Messenger Platform

It was announced by the CEO about the unveiling of the Messenger platform as its platform has been launched and through the new service the developer would be able to add messenger features to its apps.

According to the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg “This is a new platform that the developers can avail to create such apps that can help to connect”


  1. Users would be able to connect with the businesses directly

Facebook officially announced its Messenger platform and the CEO also demonstrated a new feature that would enable the users to directly place an order with the retailer online and can then change the order of the shipping details later through the messenger.


  1. 360 degree videos soon to be supported on Facebook

The CEO of Facebook announced that very soon “Spherical” 360 degree would be supported in the newsfeed and these videos would also be available to the Oculus VR.


  1. New software development kit introduced for the internet of things by Parse

Facebook has come out with a new development kit for its parse mobile application development program that would help the developers to merge data from various internet connected devices which was officially announced today.


  1. Analytics for apps

Facebook is well aware about the users of its app and even wants the developers to know that who is using their apps and through the new analytic platform the developers would come to know whether what games males or females play and are the teenagers spending on their games.


  1. $8B paid to developers by Facebook

Facebook is keen on research and development work to make it better day by day and for that reason they have spent more than $8 B over the past 5 years to the developers building on their platform. Till now more than 30 million apps have been made using Facebook’s platform that was told by Mark Zuckerberg at the F8 Developers Conference.


  1. Facebook unveils embedded videos


Now the Facebook users will be able to embed their Facebook videos on other sites, therefore we would get to see less of personalized videos on Youtube. Certainly Facebook would be tapping these videos at another place as this would be an opportunity for them to place their ads.

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