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Does Technology Manage Your Family Life?

family technology plan, how many houses have computersIn one household, each family member is individually and deeply engrossed in a Kindle Fire or smart phone. Their ears rarely go without a head set. They never talk to each other except occasionally by text or Facebook message.

In another, Mom, Dad and the kids take turns sharing favorite videos, music, games and websites via a wireless keyboard. The kids get help with homework from the Internet and parents. Mom and brother look up recipes to cook biryani and baba ganoush. The girls practice the Spanish language together via a mobile app. Dad role plays with the toddlers using the HelpingChildrenLearn social skill games. Together, the family reads from a hardback book like Make It Messy: My Perfectly Imperfect Life (about the world-famous chef Marcus Samuelsson who tells his extraordinary story and encourages young people to embrace their mistakes and follow their dreams) together before sleeping.

Chef Marcus Samuelsson cooking in Morocco – couscous with green harissa spice from Soeasy on Vimeo.

A good proportion of people remember as children…they used to enjoy roaming the neighborhood, discovering nature, riding bicycles, playing football or basket ball with friends and jumping in mud puddles, but the scenario of today has completely changed for both children and adults as they have become more homebound. According to Pew Research, 73 million households in USA have computers. 11 % of Pakistanis have access to the Internet, 15 % of Indians, 84 % of USA, 43 % of Mexico and almost 90 % of UK.

Computers, console games, mp3 players, tablets and smart phones are a commonplace companion for many. A proper balance of virtual and face-to-face activities in the lives of all in 2015 is terribly important, especially for families. Planning how to use  technology should include proper usage of gadgets and apps, cyber security and parental control over programs and settings. It is crucial for parents to manage the mental and physical well-being of their families.

Becoming addicted to the use of gadgetry leaves little room for socializing and enjoying time with the family unit. Children can become distant from their parents. A lack of communication can result in a lack of trust. Hours and hours in front of the television, computer, smart phone and tablet playing games and watching videos are just not healthy mentally of physically. There is a fine line between being too rigid and being too flexible, but there is a line. Parents need to find it and maintain an equilibrium of technology fun and just plain togetherness.

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