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Convert GIS Shape Files to Web Application

suzanne-indiangirl-itexpoeast2016What makes Pokémon Go so much fun? GIS, GIS, GIS! Take notice of the free Smart GIS Software, the First GIS Software that Converts GIS Shape files to HTML, Google Map, Web Site, and Mobile Application! The group behind the software is open to GIS software partnerships, too.

Oh the joy of the data points and the technology similar to geofencing to associate the users’ location with gyms and PokeStops and all those cool places. Smart GIS Software enables even beginner GIS developers to play around with things like convert GIS shapes to web application, build tin and contour surface analyses, calculate 2D and 3D areas and volumes and more.

What is this simple process to convert GIS shape files to web application?

  1. Download the free GIS software.
  2. Set it up and then run the software.
  3. Add layer.
  4. Select “color” to change color as needed.
  5. Select “label.”
  6. Check “show label” box.
  7. Choose the label “field.”
  8. Change font size.
  9. Complete the steps of layer and start converting, for example, to HTML.
  10. Convert “Table Data” and then press convert.

More detailed and complete directions are given in the free GIS software video demonstration to convert shapes to web application by Elshayel. Contact Elshayel GIS team at:

FreeSmartGIS@gmail.com and http://freesmartgis.blogspot.com/

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