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Cluecon Coder Games Hackathon 2016 – VoIP WebRTC SMS DIDs

20160808_163944The Cluecon Coder Games and Hackathon are heady experiences to participate in and watch. DIDX’s Bowen happened to listen in on XOXSO and Bandwidth guys who were setting up a VoIP call with a virtual phone line.

There was a tie for second place that included MWI routings on pushbutton and the other, a bluetooth to do a proximity-based routing.

A live demonstration of first place Flowroute sent a text message to order coffee, with a reply asking you your table number at Cluecon, and then Flowroute delivered you a coffee directly to your table.

The Flowroute team explained, “The only way to set up the receipt of a text message in this manner is to receive a call back which is not easy behind a firewall.”

But, they used a public NQTC server to receive the call back.

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