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BICS partners with Hanhaa for launch of cross border parcel tracking service – ParceLive

Let’s talk about Belgium. BICS (with headquarters in Belgium) offers services that provide global connectivity for Hanhaa’s own mobile network to enable seamless coverage of ParceLive devices. The EU Orchestra will move to Belgium. DIDX offers Belgium phone numbers to wholesale communications technologies’ companies like MVNOs, VoIP and IoT startups, CLECs and more to buy and resell or sell in one marketplace.
Brussels – Belgium, 30th March, 2017 – BICS, a leading international communications enabler, today announced a partnership with Hanhaa, an Internet of Things and M2M services company, to provide global connectivity for Hanhaa’s new ParceLive parcel tracking service. The service will give users key insights into their packages’ location, condition and security, helping to improve performance of delivery across the globe. With the interminable rise of internet delivery services, speed, transparency and the safety of goods become increasingly pertinent.

The ParceLive tracking service will update users on shipments no matter the country or carrier. It also allows analysis based on multiple shipments so as to understand what is happening across an entire supply chain. BICS’ global data, SMS and roaming services will enable Hanhaa Mobile, Hanhaa’s own mobile network, to ensure seamless connectivity to ParceLive trackers across the world. Thanks to BICS’ support, Hanhaa will be able to take ownership and control of its network to offer a seamless, global service at scale for its ParceLive business.

ParceLive’s unique use and return model provides insight into entire networks without the need for any additional infrastructure. The small size ParceLive trackers incorporate multiple functionalities including sensitivity to moisture, impact and a GPS. The ParceLive trackers are then simply returned by the recipient so that the devices be recalibrated and reused.

“Our ambition for ParceLive has always been to provide the most detailed, current and useful information across the globe,” said Christopher Riley, Marketing Coordinator at Hanhaa. “With the help of BICS, that ambition becomes a reality as it ensures that the ParceLive trackers are well connected wherever they go, whatever happens to them.”

“BICS global roaming and messaging services were made to enable IoT solutions like ParceLive. In our increasingly connected world, communication is key, which makes seamless connectivity paramount,” said Mikaël Schachne, VP Mobility Solution at BICS. “We are confident that our data services and cross-border functionality will ensure that Hanhaa’s global parcel tracking solution works flawlessly.”

About BICS

BICS is recognized in the wholesale communications market as a top global voice carrier and the leading provider of mobile data services. We aim at bridging the telecom world with the new unconventional communication providers worldwide. Our innovative suite of solutions for Voice, Messaging, Data & Connectivity, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Fraud & Security, Roaming, Global IoT and Asset Monetization are designed to bring value to our customers’ businesses. BICS is headquartered in Brussels, Belgium with regional offices in Bern, Dubai, Madrid, New York, San Francisco and Singapore. We also have a satellite office in Beijing and local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Quito, Nairobi and Toronto. For more information visit www.bics.com

About Hanhaa Hanhaa is a mobile services company that formed in 2014. The company focuses on the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine applications. Hanhaa is weaving together technologies, services and engagements to empower you to fix your own IoT needs. Hanhaa’s solutions are comprised of Symbisa and ParceLive, which both seek to ensure a better connected world in their own unique ways. Hanhaa is conveniently located in St Katherine’s Dock, central London. Just a short walk from Tower Hill and London Bridge tube stations, Tower Gateway DLR station and both Fenchurch St and Liverpool St National Rail stations. For more information visit www.hanhaa.com

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