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About Us

Techistan is a time and place where peaceful debate and discourse on technology rule. It is the gathering of the brightest in the world, Techistan and you.

Participate in the act of helping others to be informed, entertained, and inspired with technology and IP communications ideas, events, faqs, videos, sounds, podcasts, press releases, news articles, blogs, social media and networking, and images.

No boundaries. Instead, opportunities and possibilities. Just every day people like you and us with the power and talent to lead and make change in positive ways.

Techistan was founded on December 29, 2009, as an online news source and community of reporters and bloggers from the East and West who passionately collaborate in profiling and reviewing new technology products, people, and companies. In addition to covering startups, entrepreneurs, and inventors, we profile existing powerhouse companies that are making a difference, commercially or socially, online and/or offline.

Head over to Techistan to find out about advertising, publicity, and sponsoring beats at www.techistan.com. Techistan is a press partner and media partner to events listed on EVENTS and also on DIDX for the benefit of its fanbase and readership.

Beware, our readership and authorship may include early adopters, business and technical developers, newbies, Martians and, well, just let your imagination roll. Contact us at the Techistan Team at sales@techistan.com.

Some of our editors, editorial contributors, and reporters include Rehan Allahwala (CEO and EMEA Editor of Techistan online magazine), Rani Wemel (APEC Region Editor), Muneeb Iqbal (Middle East Reporter) Michel Vaillancourt of JKL5Group, Jessica Garcia (Social Planner), Judy Clark of Many Media in Hawaii, Ilissa Miller of Jaymie Scotto & Associates, Jenny Callicott of Make it So (Silicon Valley and SMB startup news) David Tomassoni of One Communications (USA carrier news), Graham Francis (Telecom Beat reporter and specialty education and Europe) of TheSIPSchool, Yahya Sabir (India beat editor), Maria Weisnicht (wireless editor, also owner of CED), Sandra Diaz Hoyas, CEO of Smartisvoip and Techistan Spanish Editor, Suzanne Bowen (VP and Editor in Chief of Techistan) , Omar Shaikh(Senior Editor & Manager) Visit our social video site Muntwo and our podcast channel on DIDX.

Our Team

  •  Rehan Allahwala
  •  Suzanne Bowen
  •  Muneeb Iqbal
  •  Omar Shaikh
  •  Graham Francis