Replacing Telecommunications with Communications – It Was Obvious

When the the S&P throws out the traditional telecommunications services category with the likes of AT&T and Verizon and creates a whole new category of the new communications that will include those similar to the first two mentioned as well as Hulu, Alphabet, Facebook, XBox and  DIDx … we know that times have changed. Eventually perhaps there will be no many mentions of “telcos” and “telecoms.”

In fact, any kind of company can add “communications” to its services because of companies like 2600Hz, Cloudonix, Twilio, DIDx and DIDww and join the ranks of the new communications sector. GoDaddy has achieved such. So have Amazon, Microsoft, Uber, Lyft, and eHarmony!

Let’s look at eHarmony as an example. When we do not know someone that we need to talk to, wouldn’t it be nice to not share our real phone number? When singles are looking for dates, riders want to communicate with drivers, and gamers want to chat with other gamers, it is possible to be anonymous for as long as we believe we need to via virtual phone numbers and other cloud communications services.

In 2013, for example, eHarmony was the first online dating site to launch a private calling service as described. People praised it, but also complained about its complexity. The only to “make phone calls” was from a computer, and who carries them around everywhere. eHarmony  chose Twilio for an easier approach.

When eHarmony customers choose to use Twilio Secure Call service, they receive their own private, virtual phone line that they link to their personal number, like on their cell phones. When the eHarmony customer wants to talk with another eHarmoney customer by phone, the first sends second a request. If the second accepts, eHarmony enables them to talk using the Secure Call service.

A combination of Cloudonix and DIDx can enable any enterprise to become a new, successful communications company without much knowledge at all about traditional telecommunications. In fact, Cloudonix offers a free trial and DIDx enables companies to test a free DID (virtual phone number) for up to 48 hours.

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