Get off the Couch and Enter the World of Pokémon Go

Since the release of Pokémon Go on July 6, 2016 beginning in United States, Australia, and New Zealand, Nintendo has increased its company value $7 billion. How? Mobile app development and the appeal of retro and nostalgia. Pokémon Go enables Pokémon fans to be Pokémon catchers.

Millenials and Generation Xers as well as their Baby Boomer parents look back with nostalgia when they played with Pokémon cards, making up activities and honing persuasive and bluffing skills on the fly, but never feeling like it was quite reality. Fans of Pokémon are as dedicated as those of Cosplay, ComicCon, bird watching, hashing and soccer, cricket or American football teams. No wonder, the app, Pokémon Go has a growing number glued their to smart devices and its GIS and clock features, trying to catch Pokémon. It has a similar feel to other GIS games like Pac-Manhattan that uses the Washington Square Park area in Manhattan to play a real live version of Pacman in which players communicate their position via mobile phones.

The Pokémon game has also become the top-grossing game during the second week of July 2016 in all three countries of release… U.S., Australia and New Zealand.

From “The Attack of the Prehistoric Pokémon episode:

Gary: Impressive, isn’t it? Found it on my first try. Looks like a brain from an extinct Pokémon.
Expert: This is-
Gary: A brain?
Expert: It’s fossilized…

Sounds like new GIS career opportunities, entrepreneurial ideas, and new social gaming inspirations brewing! GameSim (founded in 2008 by Andrew Tosh) is one example of a platform that enables developers to build, visualize, edit and export 3D environments for urban planning, simulations and games.

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