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New Apple iPhone Battery Case #TheHump Lasts Longer

Wow! Ask Apple fans how their mobile devices should be improved and the answer is a battery that holds power longer please. Apple has officially launched a new official smart battery case that can charge iPhone 6 and iPhone 6s. The case has been specially designed for the above models …

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United States, Shut Down the Internet, Donald Trump Commands

Who is Donald Trump? The candidate for the US presidential elections is famous for trashing people based on certain characteristics like religion, age, gender, body size, nationality, and political beliefs. Rumor says that Trump suggested the US government should shut down the Internet in order to fight Islamic state terrorists that …

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What is 4G Wireless and Its Hot International Job Outlook

4G Wireless is a general term for 4th generation cellular communications. Its speeds are approximately 10 times speedier than its predecessor 3G. Its better data speeds have helped smartphones become more popular than ever to use than laptops and desktops. Voice, gaming, video, and other multimedia activities are actually must easier to take …

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