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Advice for Holiday Retail Success: Free WIFI

By Suzanne Bowen and Muneeb Iqbal While most consumers have smartphones they use for shopping, most of the actual purchasing still happens in a physical store. Which stores enable dependable WiFi so that kind of shopping that consumers crave can take place? Here is a list of a few: Starbucks, …

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Smart Homes, Smart Phones and Smart Pigeons

Humans work to smarten their homes and phones with the latest technologies, but sometimes the next smart thing may be the one we “shoo” away. Humans have harnessed the power of creatures and nonliving things, past, present and future. Pigeons have served as an excellent source for sharing communication. They have carried …

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Wi-FM? What’s in it For Me? Faster, More Reliable Networks

November 10, 2015 is the day FM radio will star at the 23rd annual IEEE International Conference on Network Protocols in San Francisco. Story…the family is watching “Always Sunny in Philadelphia” on Hulu, thanks to their wireless cable TV modem. Suddenly the monitor freezes or seems to be in a …

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