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IoT Fills Baseball Seats, Sweeps Floors, Monitors Goat Production

Robots fill empty baseball team Hanwha Eagles’ stadium seats in Korea. Robots also keep China factory Shenzhen Rapoo Technology Co.’s floors clean. Connected vehicles can actually become driverless. The Internet of Things is amazing, but we cannot be satisfied with the innovation it enables.  Trust in the level of security and …

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Facebook is not going to delete posts with 10 dislikes

Mark Zuckerberg, on September 15, 2015,  announced that Facebook is working to introduce a “Dislike Button”, because of scores of requests from users to do so. Within just a few days, the rumor mill spread a twist of that announcement, that any post that had 10 dislikes would be deleted by Facebook. …

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Fun Looksery Purchase by Snapchat a Ukraine Win

Snapchat’s Lenses app enables users to practically guarantee laughter in social networks. Selfies by people, dogs, cats, robots and other creatures can be edited with Snapchat’s most recent purchase Lenses to make eyes look bigger, faces leaner, fill the image with graphic symbols such as emoticons, and convert the look to …

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Apple Empowers Clients via Wireless Wars

By Muneeb Iqbal Apple swiped in faster than a debit card on a terminal before Burlington’s closing time. It totally scored a broadside recently against wireless phone organisations. It will actually fund iPhone sales specifically to clients without strong-arming them to be fixed to any specific carrier. The relationships have changed between Apple, which …

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Setting up your Apple watch

Well lucky ones are those who got the Apple watch on the launch day very few people get that chance. I assume that you must have spent a handsome amount on Apple watch and you are just wandering about the apps and how the settings goes on here are the …

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