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Robert Scoble’s Billboard on the Streets of Karachi

A billboard has been erected on the street of Karachi, by Rehan Allahwala, Who is a famous Philanthropist, a successful businessman and a social media connector. He is a known personality at the social media, who has travelled far and wide all over the world and enjoys connecting people. He …

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New Bathing Solution for the Lazy Fellows

In this world we would find all sorts of human beings who are active and as well as lazy and some people are lazy to the extent that for them personal hygiene is also a problem and one such activity is taking bath, which may be equal to fighting a …

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Future of iPad Likely a Transparent One

Ever since April 3, 2010, the iPad has wowed fans ages newborn to almost over the rainbow. Many an entrepreneur and developer has given it extra special attention. Quite a few steps from the 2011 days when Levity Novelty rolled out their popular app that make your iPad appear to …

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