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Amazon to open physical drive thru stores in Silicon Valley

Amazon is among the biggest online retail services and most popular, too. Rumor has it that they might open a physical store in Sunnyvale, CA where fresh groceries and other products will be available. The structure would be built as an 11,600 square foot warehouse and also eight cars for pickup would be there …

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Silicon Valley being thoughtful about the disabled people

Like the able bodied, disabled people do also have the right to take advantage of technology as it isn’t for limited people but for everyone. It’s high time that we start thinking about the disabled people as they form 19% of the US population and even basic technology isn’t accessible …

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Samsung still ruling the smart phone market over Apple

The competition still continues between Samsung and Apple in the smart phone sector with Samsung still ruling the market and is considered to be the world’s number one smart phone vendor. The share value of Samsung had seen a downfall in the last quarter whereas Apple saw an uptrend in …

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Self Driven Cars to Hit the Australian Streets

Very soon Australia would be the first country to have the automated self driven cars being tested on their streets and for this purpose the Volvo cars would be put to test. The Australian Road Research Board and the South Australian government have announced that self driven cars would be …

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